The Test results!! I PASSED

Soooo today we got our test results's my scores:
Grammar : 83 / 100p
Kanji / Vocabulary : 83 / 100p
Listening : 43 / 70  (61%)  
Reading:   68 / 100
Conversation: 81 /  100p
Composition writing: 75 / 100p
What the.....the thing I hate and suck at the most went ok...but what I felt sorta confident about (listening) went very bad!!! And Kanji/Vocab and Grammar went AWESOME!!! I'm actually pretty proud over those scores....^^
So today when I got home I made lunch and then I went to Qanat (the shopping mall)...had to buy some müsli and oyster sauce....and a video game. It's called "Tokyo Jungle" and I've been interested in that game during almost a whole year now and now I finally bought it!! I was planning on buying FFX aswell...(I've promised Puppy to play it in it's original edition with Japanese voices and all....)....but I didn't buy it today...maybe on Wednesday or Thursday....
Then when I got home I cleaned a little bit and took out my suitcase from the closet and started packing a little bit. I. Hate. Packing. Soooo much. But I won't pack that much...I mean, I'll only be away for 2 weeks and I have most things I need at home soo...
Then I made a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and watched some Mumin =)

Postat av: ina

Grattis! Tyckte de såg fint ut :)

2012-12-17 @ 13:37:49
Postat av: Mamma

Grattis min duktiga flicka Puss

2012-12-17 @ 16:16:05
Postat av: Papi

Du ska känna dig stolt! Starkt jobbat

2012-12-17 @ 19:35:10

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