Yesterday started out as a really crappy day....
I don't know why but I wasn't in the mood for anything, much less reading comprehension class....
BUT ofc it all took a 180 turn after lunch. Why? Thanks to Anton and Tsai. Being with them really lifts up my spirit and they make me so happy. So we bought lunch and ate it together in the lobby at school.

Then we sat there and studied. I used "Anki" for the first time (a program you can install on your computer or download for your smartphone and use it for studing vocabularies etc) and it worked amazing! Thank you Anton for helping me out ^^ When my laptop's battery died I studied some grammar aswell...

Then around 16 o'clock I decided I've done enough and packed my things and left. I'd planned and epic night at home so I went by the bakery close to school and bought two pastries and then went by "Life" and got a tempura bento.

Delicious fried stuff <3
Then.....omg....I washed Timani!!!! GAAAH it looked horrible with her soaked in the tub and whatever she's stuffed with got really heavy so went I held her it almost felt like Sasha O___O 

She's right now drying up on my balcony...hahah aaah poor Timani..

Then I curled up in my bed in my pyjamas, lit two candles and all and watched BOTH "Sex and the City" movies while eating pastries. I don't know why but I got this sudden urge just two watch them...and they make me so happy. A really good ending on a good day.


Postat av: ina

Timani! Åh vad längesen man såg henne! :)
Mysigt det såg ut på sista bilden.

Svar: TIMANI :DJaa jag kör på 100 % mys hela tiden ;D
Johanna Lundgren

2012-12-08 @ 10:55:28

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