A really kickass Tuesday

That's right!! Two kickass days in a row! Woho!!
What made today awesome was that we had a trip to a school today to learn how to make New Year's decorations made out of straw. The ones teaching us was 2 (very) old "obaasan's" (old ladies) and we got to talk to the students (they were about 12 yrs old) and just have fun. They were all so nice and cute!!!

At the school

Me and Tsai xD


Mii :D


While we were walking around a little bit looking at other peoples decorations, a short kid came up to me and said:
" Hey...my friend likes you" he said and pointed to his friend, standing by the wall a few feet away with his other friends. At first I was just like....wait, what?? but then I played along and asked:
" Oh really, which one of them??" As we looked at them they started to point at each other nervously but when the kid next to me said "The guy in the red sweater" it was pretty clear who he was talking about. So I waved at him....and he blushed and ran away. HAHAHAHAH!!!! 
When the whole thing was over, we went and bought lunch bentos at the bento place next to school. I've wanted to go there several times but never done it and OMG from now on....I want to buy lunch there EVERY DAY!! It was so good I almost wanted to cry. Honestly. I'm gonna buy lunch there tomorrow when I'm gonna stay at school to study after classes!! I'm already looking forward to it!!

This was the "hamburger" bento. Freshly made and soooo delicious!!! And with all of the different side dishes, not too unhealthy either. I love japanese food <3


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