Middle-terms pt 2

IT'S OVER!! The middle-terms are over!!! YEHOO!!

Okay first off today was grammar....which went....ok..... I know I did some stupid and simple mistakes and such though....then it was time for the reading comprehension which I hate....alot.....BUT I half-assed my way through it and by the end of the day...

Then I bought a bento for lunch and went home. After lunch I got productive and did laundry, payed my rent and went grocery shopping....and tried to find a dress for New Year's eve....Since me and Sofia are having dinner at "Rex" you can't just come in any kind of outfit...and I know that Sofia's gonna look fab sooo...I have to step it up.....
After that it was back to just relaxing with sweets and The Big Bang Theory. Awesome friday night.



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