Lucia and Middle-Terms pt 1

HAPPY LUCIA....or whatever you're supposed say...
Today's tests went.....ok.
The Vocab/Kanji test went really ok actually. I was astounded by how much I actually could write at the test.
The listening comprehension on the other hand....went not so ok. It was not that they talked fast or so but the time between the different questions was too short so before I'd even finished writing the answer to one question, they were already in the middle of the next one!! So frustrating....

I took the chance to take some pic of our empty classroom today before the tests...

After the tests were over, I went and did some grocery shopping and then straight home to study grammar. Which....went by quite good actually. Listening to French or Korean music somehow helps with my Japanese studying...who knew?
THEN it was time to watch the Lucia celebrations on SVTplay! Gaaah it was sooo pretty and all but....the rapper that came out 2 times...totally random....
But anyway, it left me with a strong Christmas feeling lingering in my whole body and all I want now is to eat a LUSSEKISSE.....Just one more more week...

Postat av: ina

Det ba snöar och snöar och snöar! Du får en riktigt jävla vit jul :D

Svar: JAAA :D hoppas bara mitt plan inte har några problem med att landa bara ^^
Johanna Lundgren

2012-12-13 @ 19:54:25

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