Sunday with Mom & Dad

Yup! My parents are in town! They attended a work related event on Saturday but had the entire Sunday off to spend with me! Yay! So they got to my apartment early in the morning and we chilled a little bit and catched up. Then we took the subway to Slussen and then went to Starbucks. A tradition among us! When my parents visited me in Japan we went to Starbuck every day so that they could get their coffee "fix" haha. But I like Starbucks...mostly because it's so clean and cosy inside!
Anyways, then we hit the city and walked around, looking at different shops. Mom bought herself a Michael Kors bag! YEEES! She also bought a Selma bag (the same as I have) but in a gorgeous beige/brown/greyish colour. It was to die for.
A happy Mom! :D
Then later on we had lunch/dinner at a Indio/Pakistani restaurant. Mom, who doesn't really like that kind of food wasn't blown away by it but me and Dad loved it haha! But it was nice!
After that, we went to Centralen and had to say goodbye for now. Hopefully we'll see each other again before our trip abroad next month!
I didn't take any other pics today so here's a super old picture from one of the many visits to Starbucks in Japan! That caramel frappé in the middle tho...*drooling*


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