A motivational Thursday

Mjes. Today was a good day.
I had a nice and slow morning and had a 3 course breakfast (hahah but seriously, I did) while watching some ATLA. Finally Toph has joined the gang! My favourite character! 
Then I went to Östermalm to meet up with my uncle's wife for lunch. We went to Nybrogatan 38, a restaurant I've heard alot of good thing about. And yes, the food was amazing, the atmosphere was really good and the service was great. I need to go back there! Then, after lunch, we went to Sturegallerian and sat down at a café in there for coffee. Just lovely.
As a few of you probably already know by now, I adoooooore my uncle's wife. She is just so amazing and I love hanging out with her. We have alot in common and she's so inspirational! She's just fantastic.
Then I headed to Uni for a late class in my new course, "Security, conflict and development". In contrary to my last course, this one seems to be very interesting. I'm very excited about this course!!!


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