Harry Potter Night!

This evening I attended a Harry Potter night hosted by the English Bookshop in Gamla Stan. After the shop closed, me and whole group of HP enthusiasts gathered in the small bookshop for a night of HP magic! First we sat down in a circle and while snacking on some treats (like Bertie Botts every flavour beans!) we talked about the books and the movies. It was really nice hearing how people from all different ages tell their take on HP and all. Then we had HP quiz! And the questions were REALLY difficult...I felt embarrassed that I couldn't answer all of them...but we teamed up in pairs of 2 or 3 ppl so that was lucky (for me!). Then we had some more fika with English cookies and tea, so lovely. Lastly, we went through the quiz together and checked our answers. It was such a nice evening. The atmoshpere was just fantastic! Even though I'm no true book nerd (I'm far from it in fact), I love the idea of reading and I love being surrounded by books. Might sound strange but hey, that's how it is. We also got 20% off of all of the HP books so OF COURSE I grabbed the opportunity to buy something. I bought a box of J.K Rowlings 3 newer books (like "Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them etc). Such a lovely evening! I'm so glad that I went!

The new covers! Gorgeous!

I got mostly nice flavours but I did manage to eat one that tasted like grass and another one with garlic flavour....

These are the three books I bought (but together in a box set)!

Postat av: ina

OMG !!! Det var ju lite coolt måste jag ju säga!!

2015-02-06 @ 08:25:54

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