Prepare for hell

Ooooooooh my god. Slipknot's concert last night was incredible......They played a few song from their new album (CUSTEEEEER <3) and alooooot of old school songs! The only one I wish that they would've played was my number one favourite "The Blister Exists" but they played my second favourite song "Eyeless" instead so...I'm good. 
But seriously, I get all jittery when I'm thinking about last night. Corey was amazing. And to my big surprise, I was blowned away by Sid!!! I haven't given that dude any special attention earlier but WOW he was soo....I don't know how to describe it but awesome! He killed it with his dance moves and ridiculous flailing about, probably annoying the rest of the guys most of the time. Definitely my new crush haha.
I took some bad pictures with my cellphone but got some pretty rad recordings from different songs and during some MC's so....I'M A HAPPY GAL RIGHT NOW!

People sitting down during "Spit it Out". A classic!

Loved how they decorated the stage! Very freak show-ish!
This man!!!!!!!!!!


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