Friday afternoon in Täby C!

Yesterday after my seminar, I met up with Sofia and together we took Roslagsbanan to Täby C! Our main reason for going was....Dunkin' Donuts! Haha! We've been talking about going there since it opened a few months ago and now....we finally went there! Before indulging in some delicious donuts we had a delicious sushi lunch at a nearby restaurant. Then we navigated out way through the mall to Dunkin' Donuts. Seriously though...the mall in Taby C is huge! It reminded me of the huuuuuge mall we went to in Vienna...anyways, donuts! We took two each and then split them so that we got four halves and therefore got to taste more of them! Genius! And boy did they taste was so worth the trip to Täby to taste these!

Pretty and delicious sushi for lunch!
LOOOOOK AT THESE DONUTS!!! From the top left: Strawberry jam heart, powdered hazelnut, double caramel and finally white chocolate cookie crumble. The last one was my favourite (I think haha!).


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