You wanna win the war?

I am currently writing my 5th essay for Uni. And (it feels like I say this every time but whatever) this one has been the worst one so far. It's just....sad. If I pass this, I'll celebrate with something sweet..
Anyways, I decided to take the day off from writing. I've managed to scribble down 6 pages so far...I just need to bullshit a little more on question 2 & 3 and then we're DONE!
So today's been very chill. I met up with my classmate and returned a book I borrowed from her (she saved my life letting me borrow that so I didn't have to buy one myself. Score!) and then I went to Hötorget toooooo........PICK UP MY NEW LAPTOP! Yup, that's right! My Vaio is not working out for me anymore so i needed a new one and after consulting with Otto he recommended me this one. I'm so stoked about not having a computer that sounds like a jet engine anymore 8D
Yup, it's a Lenovo. Not near as cute as my Vaio but hey, it's what's on the inside that matters, right? ;)
Now I'm gonna make some veg. sushi and then maybe watch a movie....and make microwave-"kladdkaka". Mjes. 


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