It's you and me, I know it's my destiny

I finally finished watching the 83 episodes of Pokémon I got from Ina almost a year ago. Watching these episode have given me this crazy nostalgic feeling and I really miss being a kid and just fool around all the time and play all day long. And I'm just 20 and I already feel old xDD
Anyway, Ash Ketchum is my biggest hero ever and I love him to death! I just wanna set out on my own Pokémon adventure right now!!! Screw becoming a translator, I'm becoming a Pokémon Master!!
My hero!

Postat av: ina

Hell yeah!

Jag har nu 8 säsonger = 426 avsnitt = 69.3 GB pokémon på datorn :] Är på avsnitt 101 nu typ!

2012-05-21 @ 14:02:59

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