OMG what an epic night

I...can't believe it. We actually won. WE WON!!! LOREEEEEN YOU'RE AWESOME!! Bringing ESC to Stockholm 2013!!!! HELL YEAH!!
So yeah, let me tell you about the epic night. Like I said, at 1:00 we got up (Dena never went to sleep but me and Sofia did) and then we went and met up with Lawler and then together walked to the McDonald't we were gonna meet the guys (Dena had gotten a text that said both Makoto and Sven would join)
Sitting and eating fat food in the middle of the night has it's special charm to it. We sat there talking for about 1½ and then went to buy snacks for the night.

Lawler and Dena

Happy Sofia

Dena and Anton

Makoto with Sven hidden in the background...

So yeah we went to 100 Yen Lawson and bought som stuff and then walked to Anton's apartment. Even though it's quite small we didn't have any big problems fitting all 7 of us in there. Hahah. He had conected his computer to the TV and we all sat there watching the show. In the beginning, we had some buffer-issues but that stopped after we changed the quality settings. And yeah then the show started =)



Snacks! It's not OLW and Marabou but...close enough.
I must say I found the songs in the compitition a bitt boring. Alot of ballads and not so much...SHOW, you know. I like Spain, Romania, F.Y.R Macedonia and (ofc) Russia. But Loreen was amazing!! Soooo amazing.
When the voting started shit got serious. We just sat the, trying not to scream of joy of every 12 p we got (since by then, it was around 5:30 in the morning....) And when we realized that we'd was an amazing feeling!! I think I was too young to appreciate the last time Sweden won (year 1999) but now...I felt it. And it felt awesome.
When the show was over, we all said goodbye and walked home. I remember being back in my bed at 8:05 in the morning. I didn't feel the tired at first but when I was brushing my teeth before that, I feelt that I had no strength at all and I felt exhausted. Then we all went to sleep and I woke up again around 11:30. And now it's 12:30 and I feel a little strange thinking about the past night but it was totally worth it. Had so much fun!!
I'm just gonna take it easy today and chill. Yup, that's the plan. Bye!!

Postat av: Papi

Ja visst var det kul, fantastiskt att ni kunde se showen... Här mår vi bra på pingstdagen. /Vi hörs

2012-05-27 @ 11:32:30

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