Adventures in Kobe

Yesterday me, Dena and Anton went to Kobe!! To get there, we had to take the train for about...1 h 20 (and that includes a train change) But I like going by train was not that bad. But yeah here's alot of pics from yesterday!
Delicious ice tea~

A close up of my new nails! Just simple blue tips with a glitter silver line.

Anton! (looking very sceptical...)



As you can see, it was amazing weather in Kobe yesterday and very, vey HOT

Then we found China town!! A street filled with Chinese restaurants, food stands and shops. I actually went there 2 years ago with my host family so it was a very nostalgic feeling to walk there again =)

One of many food stands. And one of my goals in china town was to taste as much as I could...which I did...

Sesame balls! Mochi (rise dough....) with anko inside (red pean paste) with sesame. Sooo good~

A shrimp-ball xD

A steamed bun with pork meat inside.

After China town... we started walking to an aquarium Dena wanted to go to. After walking in the heat for God know how long, we gave and took the train instead. The aquarium laid next to the beach (Kobe is by the water) and it pretty =)
The ocean!!

Then we walked along the beach to the aquarium!
YAY! They had all sorts of cool animals in there!!

Horsea..I mean...A sea horse!!

Kingdra...I mean...another awesome sea horse!


Then we went and watched a dolphin show! It was amazing!! I've never seen a dolphin show before so I was as excited as the kids when the show started xD

If anyone wonders.... that's a penguin.

Shaved ice with mango taste!

Me and my bros.

Then we came to Dena's favorite place...where they had the jellyfishes. And I must say... they are pretty awesome.

Then we left the aquarium. On the way back to the station we stayed a the beach just to feel the water temp. It wasn't actually that cold...
Check out the taning line I've gotten from my wrist-watch!! Haha!!

When we got back to Kobe-city we decided to eat dinner. And what else to eat in Kobe but the famous Kobe-Steak?? Kobe-steak is famous for being very delicous since the cows the meat comes from are specially breeded and stuff. So, we found a nice restaurant and sat down and had an amazing dinner.

After we finished eating and we payed were just about to leave, they gave us these bananas. Why, I don't know. I thought it was hilarious. And then we discovered that they mispelled the one in the middle...instead of NO. 1 they written ON. 1.....Oh dear God....

After that we left Kobe and took the train home. We arrived back home around 21:30 and went straight to bed after an amazing day!!

Postat av: Papi

Kobe, var det inte Japans första huvudstad? Horsea = hilarius.

2012-05-20 @ 09:09:55

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