Back to School + New nails

Soooo yes...Golden Week is over and school has started again. When we had conversation in class I shocked the Taiwanese people by saying is snowed in my hometown a few days earlier. Then during lunch me, Sofia and Dena discussed the origin of the swedish word "Skrovmål". We did not arrive at an intelligent answer.
When I got home a posted my package to Ina and then wrote up everything I need to know about rematches with the gym leaders in Pokémon Soul Silver. I'm so excited to kick their asses again.
Tomorrow we're going to Nara on a field trip. It can either be amazing or...boring as hell. We'll see I guess.....
Painted my nails yesterday. Did a gradient effect with some glitter on top.

Postat av: ina

Skrovmål är tilloch med ett norrläskt ord ;) frasses i lule som "uppfann" det!

2012-05-07 @ 09:35:06

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