Awesome Friday

Hiya! Right now, I'm sitting in the guest room, eating potato chips and cursing my homework. I was supposed to have handed in a résumé-thingy yesterday but...I was so happy I forgot about it =)
Well yes, yesterday was awesome. School went by without any problems and during the last class my teacher stated that women are stonger than men. Why? Because we can give birth to children and endure that pain which most men would not be able to handle. And then she said the pain can be compared to trying to push out a watermelan through your nostrils....I love my teacher.
After school, me and Albert went to that epic café we used to go to when we studied for the finals. But this time we went just because we wanted to, not to study. And it was great =)
After 4 ½ hours at the café (!!!) we decided it was time to leave and when I got home we all bounced about a little bit and then me and Dena went to buy snacks for movie night (hence the potato chips leftovers I'm eating right now). Then me and Dena started watching a very....interesting movie. A movie from 2001 that was on the top 5 of "most unintentionally gay movies ever" and...I understand why. Hahaha!
Then, I got very tired. And went to bed with my DS and won against Clair...3 times in a row. A perfect way to end an awesome day.


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