Epic preperations for epicness

Okey! Got up at 6:00 this morning. Then took an hour walk along the river in the cool morning air. And now I'm back here. Why did I get up so early you say?? Because this is all a part of the epic plan of the epic saturday of 26/5. Want me to explain it? Sure.
As we all know, on 26/5-2012 Eurovision Song Contest is aired in Europe. And even though we're on the other side of the earth and in a completely different continent, we want to watch it. Only problem is, the big ass time difference. We have calculated that in order for us to watch it live, we have to watch it at 4:00 in the morning. Did that frighten us enough just to give up. No my friends, no. We have made plans with Lawler and Anton to meet at a McDonald's close to Anton's around 2:00 and eat and then go to Anton's apartment and watch the show. It's gonna be epic.
So, my plan was to get up early (6:00) and then go to bed around 21:00 and then wake up again around 1:00. By doing that, I still get a few hours sleep and will be able to enjoy the show!! It's a flawfless plan!!! Sort of....
Ah well, I'm gonna try to make something useful today aswell, like study and read manga. Hell yeah. I might write another post before we leave tonight. We'll see!

Postat av: Anna

Hej Johanna!

Har börjat läsa din blogg, så otroligt att du är där i Japan och lever ditt liv nu :) Fint med alla foton du delar med dig och hoppas nu du lyckas se melodifestivalen!

En "glimt av dig" hoppas jag hinna få här hemma,i sommar, före du åker tillbaka igen.

Kram kram och en till kram.

2012-05-26 @ 09:47:23
URL: http://tillflyktens.blogg.se/
Postat av: Papi

Vi ser schlagern från Sundsvall. Lettland,Tyskland favvo. Papi å mami

2012-05-26 @ 11:00:02

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