Time to rest before the epicness

There we go. Saturday: Finished!
Today I have managed to:
* Read alot (maybe not alot but it feels like alot) in my Harry Potter book (in japanese, of course)
* Paint my nails
* Buy 3 pairs of adorable sock (gonna have to go and buy more tomorrow, you can never have enough socks, right)
* Buy the latest book in the Kuroshitsuji manga series (YAAAY!!)
* Make awesome dinner (and ate waaay too much)
* STUDY (written down ALL of the kanji for this section and all the new words)
* Review grammar
* Start reading the Blue Exorcist manga (FINALLY!! And I think I already love it....)
* Wreck my laptop even more (followed the Vaio supports advice and now it's even worse and I can't use Google Chrome...fuck it all)
* Start playing FF Dissidia 012 Duodecim (It's difficult as fuck but I love seeing Lightning again)
* Drink a cup of vanilla tea
That's about it. Maybe I should start getting up at 6:00 every morning??? Anyway, I'm going to bed soon (it's around 19:50 now) so that I can get some sleep before we have to get up again. I'm planning on setting my alarm at 1:00. Well my friends, it's gonna be and epic night for sure. Lastly I just wanna say.....HEEEEEEEEEEEEJA LOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!! TA HEM FÖRSTA PLATSEN TILL SVERIGE!! DU HAR SVENSKA FANS SOM HEJAR PÅ DIG I JAPAN!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEJAAAA!!!

Postat av: Papi

2012-05-26 @ 17:42:09
Postat av: Papii

2012-05-26 @ 17:44:39
Postat av: Anonym

Ja menar Estland inte Lettland. Papi

2012-05-26 @ 17:46:17

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