Who said Mondays are boring...?

I've had an amazing Monday!!
At school my awesome teacher couldn't stop annoying a guy in my class called Austin and yeah... I feel sort of bad for the guy, but I laughed my ass off when she used him in practically all of the grammar explanations of today. I love my teacher.
Directly after school, me and Sofia took the bus in to town to have lunch and buy some random but needed stuff.
We're sexy and we know it

We decided to go to a Korean restaurant in Yodobashi. We've wanted to go there several times but never had the chance so we were very excited! And omg.... the food.... was.... GLOOOOORIOUS!!!
This was their 950 yen lunch set. Soooo delicious! I love Korean food!!

After that we started walking about and bought some stuff. The biggest reason I needed to go into town was because I needed a new Nintendo DS case....I was fed up with my ugly Tinkelbell case (I only bought it because that was the only one they had in Umeå.....) so now I got a shiny, new one!! And I finally got a new note book (without any lines in it!!!) YAAY!!
I'm planning on writing something awesome on the notebook like..."Sherlock" or "The Doctor" or....maybe even "Torchwood"....we'll see. And YES I know it says Nintendo DSi on the case but...I..don't... CAAAARE!!!

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Jag vill också ha ett nytt fodral xD

2012-05-14 @ 14:56:10
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