Easter Explorin'

Yesterday me and Clara walked and walked and WALKED around London. We beat mine and Sofia's record of 26,550 steps (which was at Disney Sea in Tokyo last summer). Yesterday we walked 27,179 steps. That's almost 19 km!! Hahaha!
In the morning, we took the bus to Notting Hill gate and walked up to Portobello Road and the market there. They had many cool stuff and tasty looking food! We got a paella for lunch and then started walking down Ladbroke Grove, stopping for some fika kinda halfway. Then we just kept walking south....and then walked some more. We walked through Kensington, to Chelsea, across the Thames and in to Battersea Park. On the other side of the park we catched a bus up to Oxford Street. Then walked all the way to Tottenham Court Rd to catch the bus home. It was a true day of exploring!! Loved it!!

Pretty flats in Notting Hill~

The market street!

Walking along Kensington High Street...

Some bubble tea break!



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