Day in town

Today I hanged out with Clara, just like last Thursday, and we started off our day off at a food market (again, just like last Thursday). Today we went to a new food market called "Leather Lane Market" and it did not disappoint. So many cool food stalls, the amazing smell of all of the different types of was glorious. 

THIS!! Grilled cheese sandwhich with mac n cheese and BBQ sauce! Ah-mazin'.

Clara's lunch = Jack Daniels chicken with mac n cheese!

Then we walk to Fleet Street and found a suuuuuper nice Starbucks and took a fika. We sat there maybe an hour just chillin' and talking. And I had this amazing London Fog drink. I've dying to try it out and it was just as good as I imagined. Happiness in a cup <3
Not a pretty picture but ah well. 
Then we walked down along the river towards Covent Garden, then we walked to Leicester Square and then China town. We looked around a few shops in the area before taking the bus back home. Such an awesome day out!

Walking towards the river...

Found this fancy little park along the way...

Cute soaps at a stall in Covent Garden!


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