Pizza night~

Last night I had a simple but oh so fun Friday night out together with Clara! She had seen someone post a picture of an epic pizza from Pizza Hut and asked if I wanted to try it out with her. Of course I was game! We met up and took the bus in to the city, to Leicester Square and walked to the nearest Pizza Hut. We took a "share size" pizza, with two different toppings and then, the star of the night; Cheese roll crust (or whatevs). It was amazing.

Look at this beauty!
After dinner, we just walked around the area for a while. Around Piccadilly Circus, up Regent Street (finally found the toy shop where I bought my stuffed animal snake, Sookin, 16 years ago!!!), in to Carnaby Street and then up to Oxford Street. And then we just jumped on the bus back home. Such an epic evening! 

On our way to Carnaby Street~

Inside Kingley Court~



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