Sky Garden etc

Today was kinda epic. After class, me and Alona took the bus to Moorgate to meet up with Clara for lunch. We found a kinda secluded Itsu and sat there gossiping a bit while nomming on some sushi!

Actually quite good sushi!
Then we walked to a Costa for some Fika, and then walked towards the Sky Garden building. We had booked tickets for 15:30 and walked around the area a little bit before going inside and taking the lift aaaall the way up! It was super pretty inside, and the view was nice despite the overcast outside (typical London feeling I guess...). Yeah but we walked around a little, took a few pics, but that was it. Took us maybe 45 min. 

Sooo tall....

The view!

You could walk around it like a square, with restaurants and cafées in the middle, surrounded by the gardens.

Tower Bridge :D

The Shard :D

I like Tower Bridge ^^

Clara's polaroids~
Then we decided to walk towards Tower Bridge and find a another café for some more Fika. So Scandinavian lol. We found the cutest little Starbucks around a docks area and sat there a while, chatting the time away. 

That's where we were :D

Cool lion sculptures...

More Tower Bridge pics hehe....

You see that cute little Starbucks over there? With the pillars? It was all round with two floors and it was super adorable! All hidden behind the big streets and all!
Fika! :D


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