Days in Bath pt 2

On Monday, we got up early to catch a tour bus to Stonehenge! Visiting Stonehenge had kind of become a thing we just had to do (alot because of Ylvis...) so I was super excited! The bus ride took about 55 min and then we arrived to the "visitor centre", from which we got on a shuttle bus to Stonehenge. IT WAS SOOO COOL!! The stones were huge and really gave off a kind of mysterious feeling...I took like 100 pics haha! 

Visit centre up ahead~



Tadaaah :D

Are u seein dis?

And there was sheep around there too of course!

How epic?!

Then after we got back to Bath, we went and had some sushi for lunch. Sushi is always a good idea.

After lunch we visited the Roman Baths. It was super big and really cool walking around there...we were there for like 2 h haha!

A cosplayer xD

Then, after a short Starbucks break, we headed back to Sofias dorm and walked around campus a bit. There's so much beautiful nature around peaceful.

The white blob there is a swan :D

Another swan, just chillin :D

And some ducks AND ANOTHER SWAN!

Don't you just wanna run over these hills and just...keep running??

On the last day, Tuesday, we had breakfast at a local place close to Uni before heading in to the city. We walked around, checking in the final stuff and museums, having a light lunch and then went back to the dorm to pack my stuff. We cooked dinner together and derped around a bit before I took the bus back in to the city and got on my coach back home to London. We had such much fun together, as always, and I can't wait until we see each other again <3

A full English breakfast!

Sweet Sally Lunn Bun <3
And a savory Sally Lunn Bun!


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