Days in Bath pt 1

So on Friday last week I got on a coach to Bath to visit Sofia! The way to Bath was so beautiful. Like, the typical British countryside with green rolling hills. Fantastic. Due to a traffic accident on the highway, we got kinda delayed but in the end I arrived safely to Bath! We had dinner at a nearby Pizza express and then walked to the hotel where we would stay for the first two nights. 

Those white specks there on the hill...that's sheep :D

Sofia :D
 Carbonara pizza. Amazin'.
On the first full day together (Sat) , Sofia showed me arround the city of Bath. It was such a cute city, with gorgeous architecture. And we also ate lots of good food (duuh!) while derping around together. Just a really epic day.

Derpy pics is a must.

Epic church....

Inside the epic church!

 A light lunch!


Afternoon tea sweets <3
My new baby!!! <3

Having dinner at a French restaurant~

Delish lemon tart!
On Sunday Sofia had booked a treatment for me at the LUSH spa in the morning (got it as a birthdaygift hihi). I had the Comforter treatment which was a full body massage and hot chocolate scrub. It was just amazing. And the people at LUSH were as always super nice and sweet. Just loved it. After my treatment me and Sofia got on the bus to her Uni and her dorm, were we would spend the last nights together. Her Uni was so nice and clean!!! Then we took the bus back in and had some food and later in the afternoon we catched a movie, "Zootropolis", which was amazing!! 

On the bus~

Epic veggie burger with deep fried avocado and feta cheese. 
Krispy Kreme donuts for the movie!!


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