Not much going on during the week here. Except for the immense pressure to study. Ugh. Like, this part of Political Science is maybe the most difficult for me. So much theory and to be honest, this course is literally just philosphy. Kinda. But today we had a really nice class about "Sex" (swe: Kön) and we talked about feminism etc. It was really interesting! 
Other than that I finally got my new microwave and mini freezer. The microwave does what it should do and if the freezer works good, life is gonna change. Hahah nah but seriously! I can finally store food in the freezer! YAY! And ice cream!! Woho!!
And in other news, I finished watching Owari no Seraph last night. It was epiiiiic. I loved the costumes they wore so much!! And season two will air next month so once again my anime-timing is spot on! So excited!


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