Today was my second day at Uni, since I had the day off yesterday.
It wasn't a real class though, just some more introductions and information. So no biggie.
Then later in the afternoon I met up with my old collegue from JFC, Hampus! We went to a nearby café and sat there catching up while enjoying some good fika. Very nice! Then on the way home we met the other collegues from "Japanska Torget"! Haha such a coincidence!! 

Now I'm trying to relax and slow down (my arms have been shaking from stress for the past 3 days hehe)...taking deep breaths and trying not to worry about stupid stuff. Not that I have anything to worry about but, ofc I get stressed up about everything right now, with Uni just starting and stuff. Ugh. I'm not used to this pace. 


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