GU girls night

I had such an amazing evening with my fellow classmates from GU yesterday. Even though we're not all currently in the same class, I still consider them as my classmates. We met at one of my classmate's flat in the heart of Stockholm and we all had brought some food or snack and then we shared the yummyness. We sat in the livingroom and talked about politics, equality, feminism, the crisis in Syria etc. I mean, come on, what could you expect from us? haha! But we didn't just talk about those heavy subjects but also other lighter ones like movies, series and so on. Then later as it got dark, thunder and lightning rolled in over Stockholm and we had such a perfect view of the lightning flashing over town from her balcony on the 5th floor. Magical.
It was such a nice evening. All of these girls are so amazing and inspirational. I am so happy that I got the chance to know these people!!!

Me, drinking Coca Cola out of a coffee cup. Awh yiss.


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