Derping with friends

So today is Sunday. The first day this week I'm not gonna go to Uni. Phuuuh.
Anyways, been spending some time with my dear friends this week inbetween studying. Went to Täby C on Thursday with Sofia and droooooled over the UD counter at Kicks. I want it all so bad.
Then on Friday me and Anton went to Sofia's new apartment and together we had dinner and dessert and then just sat in her livingroom for hours derping around. It was a really great evening. 

Delish sushi lunch!
Sofia is excited.

 Death by chocolate, literally.

Anton :D

And on a nerdier side note, I finished watching Tokyo Ghoul S2 yesterday. I kinda screamed a bit at the end. And then I watched the shinyaku Benizakura Arc Gintama Movie. I basically screamed throughout the entire movie. It was so good!! 


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