Summer feels + Gintama feels

This past weekend was so epic. On Saturday, me and Sofia went on a looong Pokémon hunt from Gärdet, through Djurgården and then to Gamla Stan. It was super hot, but so much fun. And of course we caught alot of Pokémon!!
Then in the evening, Anton came over and the three of us watched some documentaries about strange things in Japan. And trust me, that is a very long list is strange things. Scary and interesting at the same time. 
Then on Sunday, our Japanese friend Satsuki came over and the three of us had a delish lunch together, before going to the BEACH!! Yaaass it was suuuuper hot so we just had to cool down in the refreshing sea. It was great! Then after we came back to Sofia's place, all of us were kinda beat so we listened to so K-pop to wake up ourselves a bit! And played with the cats. Of course.
Satsuki took the epic picture of me jumping off the trampoline (or whatevs one should call it...)

Tiny Mizkan <3 Too adorable
Theeeeen after getting back home last evening, I finished watching Gintama's "Shogun Assassination Arc"............not gonna lie, at the end, I cried like a crazy person. And today I continued with the "Farewell Shinsengumi Arc"...and the feels just keeps coming. Damn you Gintama for making me feel this way. 


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