It's a whole new world we live in

Feels like I've managed to be quite productive today (do the laundry, meal prep, gone grocery shopping, done a mini-work out sesh, watch some Gintama etc) and on top of that, I've been playing Pokémon Go like a true nerd. I'm kinda obsessed...
I set out to catch some new Pokémons in the city, as well as hatch a few eggs along the way. I just LOVE how you can tell when others are playing, as you walk by them. And when I reached the city, close to the parliament building, there were three Pokéstops in a triangle close to each other with a park in the middle...and all of them had Lures activated. Obviously I wasn't the only one going to gain some XP off of that. There were so many people there, sitting, standing, with their cell phone in hand playing the Pokémon Go. It was beautiful.
Even though the app is faaaar from perfect, and there's so many features that should be added for the complete Pokémon experience...this game is amazing. And it'll only get better. I never thought the day would come when I would pack my backpack and set out in the real world catching Pokémon. What a time to be alive~
Screen shot from earlier today...that little park was crowded with other trainers haha!


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