The wanna be the very best

It's Friday. Finally. The week passed pretty quickly, even though I was all alone at work. 
Even though I am at work 9 h every day, life revolves around Pokémon Go. I have never been outside this much for...ages? And if I DIDN'T have to work...boy, I'd be gaming like a mad man. 
So some PoGo updates then: I finally have a Flareon. I am so happy <3 I also hatched a Growlithe yesteday. My small Fire Team is slowly getting bigger haha. One Pokémon I reeeeeally want is an Onix. I don't know why, but I just love Onix. It's a big rock snake. How EPIC?! 
My pride and joy <3
So yeah, I'm gonna go out again after my battery has charged. And tomorrow me and Sofia will go around Djurgården in search of some new Pokémon. This life <3
Pic from yesterday's Pokéhunt in Tantolunden~


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