Today Uni started. My third and last year on the Global Development program. It's been a year since I saw most of my classmates, so it was fantastic to see them all again. A lot of hugging during the first hour :)
First we had an introduction, then we had a class directly after that. Then we had lunch (and did some more catching up!) and then we had another meeting with our deputy principal for Global Development, with information about this third year. Kinda excited, kinda stressed, and a bit nervous. 
After that, the girls and I headed to Liljeholmen for for dinner! We had booked a table at a Chinese restaurant which none of us had gone to before (only heard good reviews!), and oh my god...the food was amazing. The woman working there was so sweet as well! Will definitely go back there!
The name of the restaurant is "Chong Qing", in Liljeholmen! Would definitely recommend!
But yeah overall, I am glad that Uni has started again. I 100% love my program (I am still amazed that I got accepted to begin with. I'm so lucky), and being surrounded with motivated and ambitious friends is just amazing. I am so happy :)


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