Student life

The student life has begun again. Honestly, I've missed it. A lot.
Yesterday was just lovely. I walked all the way to Fridhemsplan in the lovely weather, did some grocery shopping, then I worked out a little bit, watched some OP, played some Naruto UNS3 and looked through my reading a little bit.

My beautiful Stockholm <3

This morning I met up with Iris for some early fika at Petite France. We've been talking about going there for about a year and fiiiinally we made it there haha! I had a gigantic brioche and a chai latte. We sat there talking for almost 3 hours. What an amazing way to start the day.
The brioche is almost bigger than my plate...

Then I went back home and met up with Sofia and unboxed our huuuge haul from South Korea. We had ordered a maaassive box of skin care and boooy I'm so excited to try all of the stuff! Woop!

Then we took the bus to the city to go to Sephora, then we chilled in Kungsan a little bit so I could catch some Pokes haha. On the way back home, we got some take out from Babel Deli (delicious!!) and then we spent the rest of the evening trying out some of our new skincare and watching some BTS Bon Voyage.
Ugh my heart <3 


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