On Thursday I went to Arlanda to pick up Lawler. Yes, she's finally here. In Sweden!! We didn't have any major plans on the first day besides catching up and then Sofia came over after work and the three of us had dinner together and a great sleep over at my place. 

On our way out for an evening walk~

The coolest duo.

On Friday, Sofia went to work and me and Lawler went to Skansen!! What can I say, I love Skansen haha. Then we went to Gamla stan for some gelato and then we met up with Sofia for dinner again after she got off from work. Then we two of them went to Sofia's apartment where Lawler will stay for the rest of her vacation here.

A happy Lawler!

A peacock together with the biggie.


Peacocks everywhere...

Such a serene picture~

Amazing Peanut Butter Crumble at Stikki Nikki's

Yesterday, Saturday, I got a hair cut in the morning (nothing major, just freshen up the ends etc), and then I met up with the girls to go to Nordiska Museum! None of us had been there before, and it was quite nice. Veeeery stuffy though... Then we went to Kungsan and Max for lunch (hehe) and then went out to Råckta and did some maaajor grocery shopping. We cooked dinner for Lawler and just had a great time together. 
I am so happy she's here, and next week, we are all going to Gotland!!!! SO EXCITED!


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