Book Three: Change

LEGEND OF KORRA IS BACK YOU GUUUUYS!!!!! I watched the first 3 episodes the other day and almost died of pure excitement!! I've been missing this feeling so so much. After watching it I had to send a few texts to Dena BECAUSE OF OBVIOUS REASONS and was a great night.
Yesterday, on the other hand, was very up and down. First I was kind of content with the morning, then I found out a big fail that I had done a few days earlier with a shipment to Finland (which wasn't all my fault but it felt like it anyways) and theeeeeen.....things just got worse. But, since some of my co-workers are better than others, they made me feel better again. And my boss bought us all lunch. You've gotta love that.
Then I just went home after work and watched the world cup and painted my nails and talked to Maja. Hahah perfect Friday evening.

So delicious!
Epic combo! 
TODAY is gonna be historical. Because...I'm going to Stockholm Noir to cut and dye my hair. GAAAH! I'm nervous but excited!! I hope it will turn out OK and that I won't be looking completely crazy. Let's keep our fingers crossed!


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