Going North...but first, a summary.

Wow this has week has gone by really fast! It's already Friday! Which means...UMEÅÅÅÅÅ!!
But the past days has been nice. Really hot, but nice. My collegues are great. Feels like we've been eating most of the time haha. Itami even bought us "Piggelin" yesterday haha.


Also, my collegues who on maternity leave came by the office on Wednesday with her kids...and they were soooooooo adorable!! I nearly died. A little bit. Just tad bit. Japanese kids are too cute. 
We have been talking about having a "Good bye dinner" for me, everyone at the office and warehouse. So nice of them. Yesterday, Masako even gave me a present. She gave me and "Osthyvel". Hahaha I've been going on and on about not being able to find a nice one (I mean, even IKEA let me down) so she bought one for me. Just perfect! I love it! 



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