The presentation went ok today. Let's just leave it at that and move on.
Me,Sofia and Lawler had a very fun time together with Puppy-Boy (the guy that works at the reception at school who I think is the only dude at the place that speaks English) at lunch today. He wanted to talk to be about prolonging my Visa and other stuff and we just started messing around with him a little was hilarious. I love Puppy-Boy. And I'm sure he loves us too.
I feel very accomplished today since I managed to do alot of stuff. Cook dinner, vacuum clean the kitchen (only took 1 mintue, but still), went out on a 40 min long run, shower, send some important e-mails, watch Pewdiepie and write my report and send it in (which took a while....) and now I'm planning on studying a little bit before going to bed. Not bad at all.
And I got something to show Ina. I bought these from Dena who'd bought them in Osaka and now...THEY'RE ALL MINE!!! 

I think I'm gonna put them all on a bracelet....

And I painted my nails.....nothing special but it dazzles like crazy and I love it.

Postat av: ina


Svar: Jag kan fixa till dig med =)
Johanna Lundgren

2012-08-28 @ 19:28:38

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