Won't get caught

I. Can't. Sleep.
I don't know if it's because of the jetlag or something else. But, I can't sleep. I'm tired as hell but for some reason I just wont fall asleep. Damn it. I go to bed first...but I often fall asleep the last. 
Anyway. Today I looked at 3 apartments. Two of them were furnished and the last one wasn't. And if I'm gonna pick one, it's gonna be the last one. But dear Gackt how small they were, all of them. Only 15 square meters. That's tiny~ Shit. 
What else.....hmm....Still feels awesome being back together with Dena and Sofia. I think I missed them more than  I thought. And I don't want them to leave!!!! We have so much fun together, just doing ridiculous stuff. We watched the first episode of "Hem till Midgård" and died of laughter. At least I did. 


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