This and Last week

It has been sportlov this week here in Sthlm and not much happening at all, at work or outside. Half of my group at UD has been away and I was there like....happ? Hahah naah but it was fine. I got some stuff done.
BUT the week before that, me and Sofia met up with Satsuki who was in town! Our dear Satsuki <3 We had dinner at Därmedpasta together, then we went to my place for desserts and tea. We always have such a good time together. Talking both about random silly stuff but also more serious topics. I miss having her here in Sthlm so much....

The best picture I got of the three of us xD

Then, last Saturday I hanged with Anton and watched him play some KH1. For me, watching someone play video games is aaaalmost just as fun as playing myself. I love it. And before that we went and shared a HUGE kebab plate. It was insane. And so good.

It's difficult to see exactly how huge the plate is but trust's BIG.
Also, last Sunday me and Sofia chilled hardcore and made Korean deep fried chicken and watched Disney movies. It was lit. 
BUT YES no particular news from this week though...


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