Copenhagen with Catherine

So last Friday I took a flight to Copenhagen to hang out with my old friend Catherine. She's doing her internship there this semester and we figured that this opportunity was too good to pass!
The trip there went smoothly and at Kastrup I bought a 72h pass for the metro and busses etc. Very convenient. So I went in to central Copenhagen and waited an hour or so until Catherine got off work. After a short stop at Nyhavn for some photos we went to a Japanese/Korean restaurant and had an epic dinner. It was so good!! We also sat there chatting and catching up. I mean, we haven't actually seen each other in 2 ½ years!! After dinner we went to her apartment. It was super big and really nice! Such a good first day.

On the second day we went for brunch at a place called Yolk. It was very good and the interior was super pretty. Then we walked around and saw the parliament, walked down Strøget etc. We bought some pasteries from Lagkagehuset which is favourite place from now on. A MUST IN COPENHAGEN!! We spent the evening inside and made home made gyoza and jabje and talked for hours about everything. 

On the last day we went to another brunch place called Mad & Kaffe which was INSANE. One of the best brunches I've ever had I think. They served small dishes and you ordered either 3, 5 or 7. I got vanilla chai latte. I was so full after that...Then we went to a biiiig mall...Fisketorvet I think it's called. Very nice and clean. Didn't buy anything since the Danish krona is ridiculously expensive. Then we went to the palace and then the "Lille havfrue". She was very pretty, esp with the water from the waves turning to ice around her. Then we bought some more pasteries from Lagkagehuset and went back home for tea. We sat there once again talking about EVERYTHING and I am just so happy to have met someone like Catherine...she is so unique and I just aaaah <3. 

Then at around 17 ish she followed me to the station and to say goodbye...or not goodbye, just "see you soon". That feels much better. But yeah we had such a great weekend together with lots of food, talking, relaxing and just having great fun. I can't wait to see her again!! 


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