First week at UD

My first full week as an intern at UD is over! I had my "actual" first day on Friday last week but...yeah. This week has gone by both quickly and slowly at times. There's a lot of stuff to learn here in the beginning and new words etc. But everyone at my department are super nice and patient with me! And the other interns are awesome as well! I think this will be a VERY interesting semester and that I'll learn tons of things.
But, I didn't just work at UD this week. No, on Wednesday after work I went and met up with my girls and made dinner and chilled. We also wished Emma good luck who's doing her internship in Kenya (she left yesterday!). How cool?! I'm so proud of ALL of my GU girls. They are all so inspiring and strong and I just... <3. 

Then on Thursday I met up with Dad who was in town for dinner. We went to Tiflisi (that Georgian place I went to with Anton on my birthday) because I knew Dad would love it. And he did! Then we went to Pizza Hut for dessert lol. Their cookie dough dessert ain't playing.  

Cheese filled kebab!!





Blurry picture of my sceptical face, taken by Dad... ^^'



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