Another week

First off, shout out to Sunday last week together with Sofia. We went to MOS and just walked around looking through shops, eating goof food, fika and just having fun. It was really nice. And I actually wore 男装(dansou = boy's style) and even though I felt a bit nervous it was hella fun!

Oh hi there.

So another week has passed of my internship. I have moved office (due to...stuff) so now I sit with the other interns at ASO. To be honest, I am kinda living for it. Hahah they're both awesome and we chat inbetween our tasks etc and I really enjoy it. But I think I'll move back to my old office in another week or so...We also had lunch at Rosenbad on Thursday and it was pretty incredible. I was so nervous walking in there but it was soooo pretty and bright and the food was really good! Definitely going back there!

Peasoup and pancakes!

Tonight I'm gonna meet up with Anton and cook (TACOS) and then plaaaaay! "Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime" is not only charming af but super fun! And mom comes here <3 She's actually already here with work but we'll meet up tomorrow and she'll stay until Tuesday. It's gonna be lovely!


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