This week's moments

Aaand yet another week has passed! Didn't happen that much this week...I was working on a "project" thingy this week at work which took up most of my time. Although, here's a few things I did this past week:
On Valentine's Day (eww), I went and saw Black Panther with Sofia!! We met up for dinner first (Bibimbap!!) and then we went to the cinema after that. And omg...there were so many people there. And seriously, like 75% of the audience were black. I felt blessed. And the movie was absolutely amazing. AMAZING I TELL YOU!

Then yesterday, I went on a house warming party at my friend Emy's place. She had made food from all the different countries where she has lived (Thailand, Scotland and Morocco). It was super nice meeting her friends and eating tons of food and just hang out!

Today I went with Pegah from work and her friend to the East Asian Museum. An acquaintance of mine was having a Pop-Up café there and we were really excited to eat some Japanese cakes! The line was...intense. We were there 20 min before they opened and we still had to wait more than 2 hours to make our order. There were tons of people there and the girls working there did such a great job! I got a matcha roll cake and cheese soufflé (for take away) and Pegah got their Yuzu rare cheesecake and Cornelia had their kabocha tarte (and shortcake for take away). I don't regret going there for one second and the whole waiting process wasn't that bad when you are in a good company! 



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