A week of sweets etc

I feel like I ate a lot of delicious things last week... 
On Tuesday, I met up with Sofia and we went to a new churros place at Rådmansgatan. We shared some churritos and took some Nutella dip and Arequipe dip. It was insanely good. 

Then on Thursday me and my two intern collegues/friends had an AW at Shanti Gossip. It's my second time being there and my god....the food is so GOOD!!

On Friday we enjoyed a super pretty Olympic Games cake at work! People even dressed up for the occasion with funny, old sports gear etc. It was awesome.

On Saturday I met up with Clara (who was in Sthlm over the weekend), Alona and Vicky (and Bailys <3) and together we went to Taxinge Castle for epic fika. And omg...it was epic. They had several cakes and cookies and it wasn't even expensive. I was in cake heaven. 


Nougat cake, jitterbug cookie and salted caramel tartelette (which contained licorice -_- ) 



In the evening I met up with only Clara and went for sushi at Esa Sushi in St. Eriksplan. We ordered TONS of sushi and I almost ate until I felt sick hahah. It was so good!
30 pieces of sushi...amazin.
Yesterday I met up with Clara and Alona at Älskade Traditioner and tried their Semla Waffle. It was actually really good! They just combined two awesome things. 

It was so much fun seeing Clara again. We have so much fun together and I truly miss our time in London together...I hope I can go and visit her soon. 


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