A few days with mom & semlaaa

Aaaand it's Sunday again. This week really went by super fast. My mom came to visit last Sunday and stayed until Tuesday evening, and during that time we managed to eat tons of good food, do some shopping and also relax and watch movies. It was super!

Fika at Starbucks~

The BEST ramen in Stockholm at Blue Light Yokohama!

Dim sum at Waipo~

A quick, easy dinner at Joe & the Juice~

On Thursday we had an introduction day at UD with all the new interns and it was really great and informative! I still kinda can't....believe I am an intern at UD yet. Strange.
Yesterday I met up with Anton in Hagsätra to eat a semla...yes, I went all the way to Hagsätra just for a Semla. (Which reminds me of when me and Maja went to Ö-vik just to eat at Burger King, but I digress). I had read that they would have the legendary Prinsess semla (at least they had it last year) but alas, they did not have it. Although, they did have a Nutella Semla which I tried and it was really good! The bread was almost crispy and not soft like a usual semla and it fitted really well with the smooth nutella...it was awesome. Then we went back to my place and played some video games and later went for chinese food. It was a classic, epic Saturday night.

Look at this little baby!

Anton! :D


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