This week has been kinda insane at work. Working overtime almost every day, being super tired when I finally got home... gotta rest and recharge this weekend.
But on Monday I finished playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Such an amazing game. Really loved it and Aloy is so badass. 
Then on Wednesday I met up with Sofia and our newfound friend Shiori for dinner. Shiori is studying here in Stockholm for one year and we decided to meet up and get to know each other better. We had dinner at Sophie's Canelé which was super good. I didn't even know they had dinner there! All three of us got galettes and then we shared some desserts which were insaaane. Such a nice evening!

Tomorrow I am just gonna focus on reading and studying and then Hanna will come and stay here until Sunday. On Sunday she is entering a Chinese language competition. HOW COOL?! Me and Sofia are gonna go there for moral support....even though we won't understand a word of it all hahah. Then Maja will come later on Sunday and sleep over until Monday~ 
As you would say in Swedish: FULL RULLE!


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