Easter etc

Soo ehh... 'sup?
I've been having too much fun to sit down and blog. Ok that's not entirely true. After I got back from Copenhagen I got sick and had to stay at home for a few days... but it was alright, I played ALOT of Horizon Zero Down (nope still not done, got like 1 mission left). Me and Sofia met up after I started feeling better and made some Hoddeok and watched "The Disaster Artist" which was FREAKING AMAZING. 
Then last week.... was Easter. I met up with Iris for dinner earlier last week which was as awesome as always. 

I was in Umeå from Thursday to Monday. During that time I relaxed at home with my parent, met up with Ina, hanged out with Dena, had amazing fika at Hanna's, celebrated Otto's birthday with his family, met my cousin and their new daughter...  did I forget anything? Hope not. I had such a great time. 

Sasha <3

Ina. Snö.


Hannas cake skills are insane. Matcha prinsesstårta!!!

Pink skies~
This week has been fine but I now that next week is gonna be INSANE. Because of work that is. I am a little bit excited, kinda stressed but still... happy? 


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