Chinese and noodles

Hanna came to Stockholm late on Saturday evening and spent the night at my place! It was super nice having her here. We talked about languages, China, work etc. Then on Sunday I followed her to a...Chinese speking competition that she had entered. Sofia also came there and we sat there rooting for Hanna! She was SO FREAKING GOOD!! Her Chinese is goals. We also went and had a fika break at Espresso House and just chilled a bit. The whole competition thingy was pretty awesome and really made me wanna start studying Chinese....some time..... probs.... in a few years.... or so. 

At around 15:00 ish I had to leave and then later met up with Maja! She was here in Sthlm for business and wanted a place to crash and hey, my place is always open! We met in Slussen and walked to Ai Ramen. I have never been there before but always wanted to try it out! Maja got the Sthlm Shoyu and I got the Red Hot with Gochujang. Mine was... really good. REALLY spicy! But the noodles were pretty sad. Maja's was kinda the same. The broth wasn't that good and the noodles weren't that good either. And those two are the MOST IMPORTANT in a ramen! Nah, the gochujang saved mine but Blue Light Yokohama remains the best Ramen place in Sthlm. 
Another intense week at UD is upon us but on Satuday I CAN FINALLY BREATH AGAIN I can't wait! 


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