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Today I had my first French exam. In like 7 years. And it was on French grammar. And not the fun kind. It was about word-classes, all the different conjugations etc. It was horrible. But somehow I managed to pass. Amazing.
I feel like I should write more here, but since I don't have anything interesting to write atm I just...don't. I wanna get better at writing here because I know how fun it is to look back in like a year or so and be like "Huh...nice" kinda...you know what I mean. Soooo...what should I write then...? Oh I started watching Bungou Stray Dogs today. I am already hooked and I scream when I heard Miyano Mamoru's voice. 
Due to my French studies, I haven't been able to study any Korean at all for like the past...3-4 weeks? Uugh I'd so much rather study that but since I have a grade to think about when it comes to French, I feel like I much focus on that. For now. 


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